High Heeled Domination Beautiful well dressed women dominate each other in their sexy designer high heels by Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and many others. They may do this by dominating them in a high heeled catfight, ruining another girl's designer heels by stepping all over them and pushing them into the mud, or forcing them to get on their knees and polish their shoes for them.

High Heeled Domination Definition
Pronunciation: [hi-heeld-da-ma-na-shun]
Function: noun
1: supremacy or preeminence of one high heeled woman over a lesser heeled woman or a man
2: exercise of mastery or ruling power using the high heels
3: exercise of controlling influence of by one high heeled woman to ruin another woman's high heels
plural : High Heels Domination
1. <A dominatrix in dirty high heeled leather boots bumps into an elegantly dressed office lady wearing shiny new Christian Louboutin pumps. She purposely steps on and scuffs the office lady's shoe then steps toward her forcing her to step back into the mud ruining her expensive shoes.>
2. <A dominant party girl, for example, Alexis Kay Lee in high heeled boots steps on the high heeled shoe of a submissive girl. While holding her in place by stepping down hard on her shoe she orders her to get on her knees and worship her boots. The submissive girl complies by getting down on one knee and allowing her to shine her boots on her clothing. All the while the dominant girl is still standing on her foot.>
3. <Elegantly dressed office lady from example 1 returns to her office, walks up to behind her assistant, spins her chair around, steps on her chair between her legs and commands her to clean her muddy high heels.

First Known Use of HIGH HEELED DOMINATION:14th century
Origin: here
Synonyms: high heeled ascendance (also high heeled ascendence), high heeled ascendancy (also high heeled ascendency), high heeled dominance, high heeled supremacy, high heeled dominion, high heeled hegemony, high heeled imperium, high heeled predominance, high heeled predominancy, high heeled preeminence, high heeled reign, high heeled sovereignty (also high heeled sovranty)
Related Words: high heeled superiority; high heeled authority, high heeled choke hold, high heeled clutch, high heeled command, high heeled control, high heeled mastery, high heeled clout, high heeled might, high heeled privilege
Antonyms: high heeled submission, wet high heels
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